Social & Vocational Training

Not Just a Roof Over Your Head, but a Sacred Home in a loving family environment!

Homeless Is Not My Choice offers: 

  • Housing for you and your children
  • Private school, with qualified teachers
  • Beautiful community of Human-Rights Advocates from all over the world
  • Organic and nutritious meals to aid in your physical healing for both vegetarians and meat-lovers
  • Clean nontoxic water to drink
  • Vocational training, including but not limited to:  mechanics, carpentry, agriculture, animal husbandry, cooking, computers, music and art,
  • A beautiful sacred property with lush green grounds and ponds and swimming pool
  • Spiritual classes to help you manifest your destiny
  • Global Temple Sunday Teachings (welcomes all faiths), as our motto is One God, One Planetary Family

Your talents will be used as work trade for the many benefits you receive. There is no monetary exchange, for everyone at Homeless Is Not My Choice at Avalon EcoVillage serves as a type of Missionary. We all use our talents to serve the common good of others.

We are a residential community environment located in Rio Rico, Arizona that houses the “new homeless” in community-based family homes with tiny homes connected and other eco-friendly housing. Those who need help may have lost their home when unable to pay the rent, aged out of the Foster Care System, or husband recently died, and now need a home. We are living in a country with a fragile economic state and we want to help those who would appreciate our communal, family lifestyle.

The Executive Director of Homeless Is Not My Choice is a professional musician, singer and songwriter, and actor, and we have many musical and theatrical programs.

For those who qualify to become a full member of Global Community Communications Alliance, we offer:

  • Healing and growth
  • Housing
  • Guidance from our Health Services team and assistance with applying for Medicaid and dental care
  • Clothing and household items supplied by our
  • Goods & Possessions team
  • Art and music training that can lead to being in a band and making an album
  • Carpooling and transportation

  • We are writing to say that Homeless Is Not My Choice has worked here regularly as volunteers in the Free Kitchen. They do a great job and we seek to collaborate more with them in the future.

    — Brian Flagg Coordinator, Casa Maria, Tucson