History and Mission

Homeless Is Not My Choice is a unique program, not just for people who may happen to find themselves on the street and had a job or even a career at one point, but people who were one step away from being homeless, or felt terribly empty and without “a home” even though they were working.

Some people who join this unique program are young married couples who cannot deal with society and go from one lousy job to another. They may have the talent to do a certain function but don’t have the necessary degrees. Homeless Is Not My Choice gives them a chance to use their talents and skills where the corporate world may not. They begin to excel and feel good about themselves at Homeless Is Not My Choice, so that when they go out into the world (if they choose to), they are able to hold down a job because they are able to develop those skills which they were not able to develop without the credentials before.

The majority of individuals who join Homeless Is Not My Choice decide to stay and become part of Global Community Communications Alliance as community members, and many become ordained human-rights ministers and active change agents, helping to make the world a better place because they have been given an opportunity to do so.

Homeless Is Not My Choice is not just a social service program to house individuals but to fulfill them and actualize them. Many of the participants go out in groups to shelters and missions and help feed the less-unfortunate and those actually on the street. They make thousands of sandwiches for various missions and shelters, clean kitchens, and learn to become counselors themselves. Testimonies from Directors of some of those facilities are also on this site.

Homeless Is Not My Choice and the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program also provide food, shelter, toiletries, and all necessary needs. The Human-Rights Elders and administrators of Homeless Is Not My Choice and the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program greatly would appreciate anything you can give to help this unique social service program continue.

We look to partner with likeminded organizations -- contact us if you know about an opportunity for the Homeless Is Not My Choice team to serve your community!

Homeless Is Not My Choice routinely works with other homeless and social service organizations to serve Tucson and the greater community.