The founders of Global Community Communications Alliance have spent a life-time in compassionate service to young people in need and bring a wealth of experience and personal insight to their work of building a more just and sustainable society.

Van / Gabriel of Urantia
Executive Director

Niánn Emerson Chase
Executive Director

Key Staff

Marayeh Cunningham, PhD
Administrative Health Director

Catherine J. Lilly
Funding Director

Ala’Di Goodman, RN
Services Director

Amadon DellErba
Youth Guidance & Outreach Director

ShaRu White
Funding Development Coordinator

Arlin Munro
Mentor Support Coordinator

MagiCa Castillo
Mentor Support Team

Ele-Elleid Kay
Mentor Support Team

Blue Evening Star Vasvary
Mentor Support Team

Bree Gan Smith
Mentor Support Team