Our ministry is focused on those who are homeless, or near homeless, because of foreclosures, economic recession, an uncaring and insensitive government, or corporate greed.

Homeless Is Not My Choice helps those who seek to help themselves, we are a discerning service organization using the above criteria in relation to personal improvement motivations.
Our program houses the homeless in our community homes in family settings, therefore erasing the stigma of institutionalization. This approach enables individuals to feel as part of a family, loved by parental figures.

Our core, residential program is a four-dimensional approach offering housing, nutrition, hope, and vocation.


A residential program at Avalon Gardens & EcoVillage provides incorporation into residential and family housing in Rio Rico, Arizona.


Chefs and nutritionists on staff prepare and plan three natural meals daily to ensure a balanced diet that optimizes healing through nutrition-dense foods.


Individuals are invited to attend spiritual classes and receive counseling, providing an opportunity to discover a relationship with the Creator and a strengthened sense of purpose.

Our individually specialized cognitive and social counseling process is supported by the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program (PIRP)— a partnership which creates a new paradigm in social-spiritual rehabilitation. Learn more about PIRP.

Hands in the Soil : For individuals not interested in the live-in residential program for any reason, three meals can be earned on a day-to-day basis by volunteering for six hours of work at Avalon Gardens & EcoVillage. Individuals will be picked up, stay the night, and be brought back to Tucson in the morning, after breakfast.

  • We are writing to say that Homeless Is Not My Choice has worked here regularly as volunteers in the Free Kitchen. They do a great job and we seek to collaborate more with them in the future.

    — Brian Flagg Coordinator, Casa Maria, Tucson